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Division of School Education

  • Division of Education and Human Development
  • Division of Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development
  • Division of Language, Human and Social Science Education
  • Division of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • Division of Fine Arts, Music, Health and Physical Education
Division of Advanced Professional Development in Education (Professional Degree Course)

Furthermore, the United Graduate School of Education, which offers a three-year doctoral program, has been established through the cooperative efforts of Tokyo Gakugei University, Saitama University, Chiba University, and Yokohama National University. Many alumni work in universities and institutes as researchers and professors.

United Graduate School of Education (Doctoral Program)

A doctoral course program run in collaboration with four universities, including Chiba University, designed to cultivate highly advanced and creative researchers in educational programs.

  • Tokyo Gakugei University
  • Chiba University
  • Saitama University
  • Yokohama National University