Faculty & Graduate School of Education, Chiba University

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education dates to 1872, the year of the establishment of the modern educational system in Japan. It has the longest history of all the faculties in this university. Its main aim is to train its students to undertake leading positions in a wide range of educational institutions.

To meet the requirements of public education in Japan, the Faculty of Education consists of the Training Division for School Teachers, which is divided into seven courses.

To meet the diverse educational needs and problems of a rapidly changing society, the Faculty also has the following five unique affiliated schools and centers: the Elementary School, the Junior High School, the School for Handicapped Children, the Kindergarten, and the Center for Research, Training, and Guidance in Educational Practice.

Graduate School of Education

In the Graduate School of Education (Master’s Program), the aim is to train students in the theory of educational research, to develop their creativity, and to promote a deeper understanding of their particular academic discipline.

The Division of Advanced Professional Development in Education (Professional Degree Course) offers training in systematic advanced professional knowledge regarding school management or students’ counseling for teacher leadership candidates. It aims to develop influential teachers with powerful leadership and performance competencies to support modern Japanese schools.


Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Chiba University (Published annually in Japanese)