Faculty & Graduate School of Education, Chiba University


In order to train students and to develop educational leaders to suit the requirements of public education in Japan, the Faculty of Education consists of the following divisions: the Training Divisions for Elementary School Teachers, Junior High School Teachers, Teachers of Handicapped Children, Kindergarten Teachers, and School Nurses. The Junior High School Division is comprised of the following departments: Foundations of Education Japanese Language & Literature, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Fine Arts, Health & Physical Education, Technology, Home Economics, and Informatics.

To meet the diverse educational needs and problems of a rapidly changing society, the Faculty also has the following five unique affiliated Schools and Centers: the Elementary School, the Junior High School, the School for Handicapped Children, the Kindergarten, and the Center for Research, Training, and Guidance in Educational Practice. A special Study Course for the Education of the Physically & Mentally Handicapped was setup to meet the urgent demand to educate students with special needs.

The Faculty of Education publishes the Bulletin of the Faculty of Education.

Brief History

The Faculty of Education was originally established as the Faculty of Pedagogical Arts, when all the national institutions in Chiba Prefecture were integrated into Chiba University in 1949. This was followed by the reorganization of the University into the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Education the next year. The history of the Faculty of Education, however, goes back to the year 1874, when the Chiba Normal School was founded in accordance with the mandate of 1872 to create teacher training colleges in Japan. The Faculty, therefore, has the longest history of serving the community among all the faculties of the University. For more than 120 years, the Faculty has contributed significantly to the training of teachers for both elementary schools and junior and senior high schools throughout Japan.

The Graduate School of Education was founded in 1982 to promote a unique program of systematic and comprehensive studies in education. The original 35 fields of study have increased to 60 through the introduction of additional fields in 1983, 1987, 1991, 1999 and 2001. Reflecting the recent growing needs concerning the retraining of school teachers, the important role of this program has been recognized, and positive efforts have been made to carry it out effectively.


Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Chiba University (Published annually in Japanese)